Leco imports products from Great Britain, Italy, Poland, SAD, South Korea, India, Turkey, Bulgary and other countries and distributes them in Serbia. Besides the globally popular, we also distribute famous domestic and regional companies with whom we have excellent cooperation.

We have divided the territory into 10 areas, and our commercials and professional associates are constantly visiting them, to make sure every client has gained adequate support. Contemporary logistics and modern support, well educated and experienced team of employees and the prompt reaction of the wishes and requests, put our team among the most competitive in the market.

We supply a wide range of customers: the biggest cosmetic systems in the country (DM and Lilly), the biggest pharmacy chains, hypermarkets and key accounts, perfumeries, sole pharmacy stores, cosmetic shops, home care departments and kiosks.

Our buyers have the possibility to order products with the assistance of Leco advisers or via a contemporary B2B system.

We have more than:
- 3000 active buyers
- 3000 products in the assortment
- 300 deliveries per day
- 30 commercial vehicles

In order to follow the latest processes of digitalization and modern forms of communications, we strive to be in direct contact with end buyers, thus our B2C services are available 24/7. Besides affordable prices, we offer discounts and gifts, especially for those who have already been registered. Also, at our webshop https://www.onlinekozmetika.com/, you can find a lot of educative content that explains brands in more detail and makes the search lot easier.

One part of our foreign assortment, for which we have exclusive contracts, we are exporting to the neighbor countries and spread our distribution network. The goal is to make the most famous Global brands available in the neighboring markets, thus we choose for our partners only the well-known companies in their territories.